Gene Rees Services

(if available) - $250 each to be added to other hunts.

(two levels):
Level 1 – all bucks less than 6 points, also various older ages and points, with a B&C score of 115 or less - $700.  One day hunt with no food or lodging.  Guides choice buck.
Level 2 – generally mature bucks scoring 116 to 129 B&C - $2,200. Guided hunt. Up to two
days hunting with two nights lodging.

Guided Hunts that include up to three days hunting and three nights lodging.
Trophy 130 to 139 B&C - $3,200
Trophy 140 to 149 B&C - $4,200
Trophy 150 to 159 B&C - $5,200
Trophy 160 to 169 B&C - $6,700
Trophy 170 to 179 B&C - $8,000
Trophy 180 to 189 B&C - $9,700
Trophy 190 to 199 B&C - $11,700
Trophy 200 to 209 B&C - $13,700
Trophy 210+          B&C - $ call

Level 2 or 3 MLDP – No Tags From License Required.  Hunt October through February.
Some variation in pricing is possible depending on where the hunt takes place.  1 Non-hunting youth guest is free.  Adult guests and additional youth guests are $175/day.  $500 deposit required to book a Level 1 hunt.  $1500 deposit required to book all other hunts. The remainder for the hunt is due 1 month before hunt date or cash on arrival.  Pick up and drop off at airports can be arranged.  Does, hogs, and predators if available, included in multiple party hunts after the harvest of a trophy 140 B & C or above.  In all hunts, if a hunter is not presented with a reasonable shot at the hunt booked, only the lodging and hunt fee is assessed.  All hunts are guided.   A non-refundable $500 dollar charge is assessed when a hunter has a reasonable shot and chooses not to shoot or misses the shot.  This fee may be applied to a deer taken later in the hunt or forfeited if no deer is taken.  Any blood drawn is considered a harvested deer.  All efforts will be exhausted to find wounded deer and if a tracking dog is used a fee may be applied.

Exotics are usually available year around.  Call or email for pricing and availability.

Area Lakes – All Bait and Equipment supplied.  Afternoon Set and Morning Check. - $100 deposit per trip.  1 or 2 people - $450 plus lodging.  Additional at $75 per person.  Kids Free. Jug lines and trotlines. 

$1700 per person.  $500 deposit per person.  2 nights lodging, 1 day of bay or trophy cat fishing, 2 hunts for Level 1 management buck. Bucks can be upgraded.  October/November bookings preferred.

Listed price includes cleaning of all game and delivery to local processor and taxidermist if desired.

Call Gene Rees at 361-772-6820 Cell or 361-798-3810 Home and Fax
Email -,
474 CR 452, Hallettsville, TX 77964

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